Hospital PPE

Understanding how to stop the spread of infectious diseases

While hospitals exist with the purpose of improving people’s health, they’re sadly also susceptible to the spread of infectious diseases. Staff do great work to keep our loved ones healthy, but with so many people clustered together at one time, it’s important to take preventative measures to stop any outbreaks.

This resource will provide a guide on how PPE (personal protective equipment) can make a massive difference. Stopping the spread before it has a chance to take hold keeps people safe. Let’s discover how you can achieve this goal.

  • How diseases spread in Hospital
  • The viruses you're at risk of
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  • Types of medical PPE
  • PPE regulations in Hospitals
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  • Potential errors when using PPE
  • How to properly dispose of PPE after use
  • Additional training and support
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  • Secondary sources
  • FAQs
  • Further reading
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