Polyco Touchstone Cut Resistant Sleeve 14'' 7550 - Cut Resistant Level 3 (Cut C)

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Product Information

  • 100% Kevlar knitted sleeve 14inch / 35.5cm length
  • Kevlar provides increased protection against cuts, slashes and abrasion
  • Thumb slot to ensure it will not slip exposing the arm or wrist
  • Soft kevlar fibres and seamless construction will not irritate arms
  • Cut level 3 (Cut C) resistance provides quality protection
  • EN407 contact heat level 1 provides short term protection against temperatures up to 100°c
  • EN388:2016 Rating 2.X.4.X.C
  • EN407 Rating X.2.X.X.X.X
  • Price Per Single Sleeve

Further Information

Polyco Touchstone 14" sleeves have been tested in accordance with European standards to ensure performance.

EN388:2016 Protection against mechanical hazards
Resistance to Abrasion (0-4):  Level 2
Coup Cut Resistance (optional test) (0-5): X
Tear Resistance (0-4):  Level 4
Puncture Resistance (0-4):  X
Straight Blade Cut Resistance (A-F): Level C 
Impact Resistance (optional test)

EN407 Protection against thermal risks (Heat and /or fire)
Burning Resistance: X
Contact heat Resistance: Level 2
Convective Heat Resistance: X
Radiant Heat Resistance: X
Molten Metal Resistance (Small Splashes): X
Molten Metal Resistance (Large Splashes): X

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