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FFP3 Disposable Dust Masks

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Offering a stronger form of protection than any other item on the market, FFP3 respirator and dust masks are the perfect option if you’re looking to protect against more severe levels of particulate matter.

20 Products Found

20 Products Found

20 Products Found

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They’re perfect for dealing with: 


  • Brick dust
  • Concrete dust 
  • Ferrous metal fumes 
  • Fibre glass shards 
  • Lead fumes 
  • Soft and hard wood fumes 
  • Plaster
  • Sandstone silica
  • Rockwool


A FFP3 mask variant is particularly important if your work means you need to protect your respiratory system. They’re also particularly useful for stopping the spread of infectious diseases, being listed by WHO (the World Health Organisation) as one of the best forms of protection against viral outbreaks. 


All masks we sell are designed with comfort, durability and performance in mind. With both folded and molded options available, you can choose the perfect fit for your face without having to compromise on safety. Perfect for all environments, these disposable masks sit securely on your face without the need for regular readjustment. 


Safetec stock from only the best FFP3 masks around. We have products from leading brands like Moldex, JSP and 3M. You know when you buy through us, you’re getting elite quality protection every time.

What is an FFP3 mask?

FFP3 disposable face masks are an elite piece of PPE equipment, which have the capability to filter out up to 99% of all particles in the air. This makes them essential for anyone who works closely  with particulate matter like dust, sand and wood shavings. 

FFP stands for “filtering face piece”, which is exactly what these masks do. They’re not only perfect for protecting anyone working in an industrial environment, but also healthcare workers or anyone who regularly handles hazardous substances.


What level of protection does an FFP3 mask provide?


FFP3 face masks offer the most comprehensive level of protection. They block out anywhere between 96-99% of particulate matter in the air, while providing five different layers of protection. They are:


  • A strengthen thickening filter 
  • An anti-droplet filter 
  • An anti-particle filter
  • An anti-fog filter
  • A moisture-proof layer 

It’s this heightened level of protection which makes FFP3 masks a popular choice amongst workers in a variety of industries.



How do you properly wear a FFP3 mask? 


In order for your FFP3 mask to work properly, you need to make sure it’s fitted the correct way on your face. You can do this easily with the help of five simple steps: 


  1. Hold the mask in one hand, using the other to fully open it and bend the nose wire to form a curve
  2. Place the respirator under your chin while holding onto the exposed headbands with your free hand
  3. Slip the headbands over the crown of your head, holding the respirator close to your mouth as you do 
  4. Make sure the respirator is flat against your cheeks 
  5. Mould the mask across the bridge of your nose, pressing down firmly to make sure you have a good fit 

You can perform a fit check by pressing down firmly on the front of the respirator and breathing. If you feel any air coming in or going out around the nose area, the mask has not been fitted properly. Remove the mask and refit it to your face. 

How long can you use an FFP3 mask for?


These masks have a working life of up to 8 hours – assuming you don’t remove it from your face. If you do take the mask off, there’s a possibility it can become infected. If so, you’ll need to instantly discard the mask and replace it with a new one. We don’t advise washing your disposable masks and reusing them.

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