Safety Flooring & Matting

These highly effective mats are designed to trap and absorb dirt and water at the front door. By having one of these mats in your place of work it will enhance the appearance of your reception/entrance, as well as help to lower the risk of slips and falls to staff and visitors. We have a range of products designed to either repair or treat the floors of your warehouses/driveways/garage floors etc. the Epoxy repair mortar provides a permanent repair to cracked concrete and stone floors. The floor paint and Treadsafe anti slip paint can provide a practical yet pleasant finish. Ensure the safety of staff and visitors by protecting steps and work places with anti slip tapes and paints. Our anti slip tapes are available in various widths and can be cut to any length required. Applied quickly and efficiently, these tapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For larger areas we have anti slip paint available, extremely hard wearing and easy to apply this paint will not only reduce slips and trips but will also brighten any work place!