JSP FilterSpec FMP2 Safety Glasses & Respirator ASG124-121-100

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JSP FilterSpec glasses with FMP2 Valved Filters includes 3 x FFP2 Filters, Safety Glasses and Black Holder

Worn together, safety eyewear and respirators often reduce each others effectiveness because eyewear frames compromise the seal of the respirator and lead to lens misting and reduced respiratory protection. FilterSpec combines both protective devices into an integrated unit allowing them to work harmoniously to provide optimum wearer comfort and protection 

    • Fully adjustable spectacle frame for maximum comfort and security
    • Optimal lens curve of 6.5 offers large coverage and great visibility
    • Anti mist and anti scratch coating as standard on all lenses
    • Lightweight reusable filter holder element for an economic PPE solution
    • Exhale valve is fitted to reduce heat & CO2 build-up for greater comfort
    • 3 layer filter for exceptional performance
    • Soft inner face seal with adjustable braided headband for perfect fit
    • You can buy replacement FFP2 & FFP3 filters for your FilterSpec
    • Approved to EN149 & EN166.1.F.T


  • Class 2 medium efficiency- fine non toxic dusts, fibres, aqueous mists APF:10 X workplace exposure limit
  • Guide to protection: Brick, concrete, ferrous metal fumes, MDF hand tools, plaster, rockwool, sandstone and hard wood dusts

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