Traffic & Parking Control

Our one piece traffic cones are available in two heights. The cones are sand weighted and have a reflective sleeve so are easily visible at all times. Warning triangles are required by law in many European countries but should be considered as just as important here in the UK. Help alert other road users of possible break downs ahead or emergency situations. Help to reduce accidents and speeding with our high quality, 100% recycled PVC speed bumps. Each pair of black and yellow bumps= 1 metre across the road. Each pair can be added to, meaning any length of road can be catered for. Installing our speed ramps is easy, as we supply all the fixings you need for assembly, simply choose from concrete or asphalt for which ever road type suitable to you. Our range of internal and external mirrors are perfect for many applications such as reversing/blind spots on driveways, warehouses with fork lifts operating, shop security and many more. The external mirrors are extremely weather resistant and required little to no maintenance. Both the internal and external mirrors are supplied with a fixing bracket.